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June 7, 2011
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Math Teacher - Varrick by Dedmerath Math Teacher - Varrick by Dedmerath
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Name: Varrick Leroy? (*******)
Aliases: Professor Leroy.
Race: Kumo. Spider Demon species.
Age: ??? (31)
Weight/Height: 155p(70k) 6’2’’(1,88cm) (Human form.)

House: Zara. :iconzara-plz:

Job: Math Teacher.

Power: (He has a lot of different spider abilities.)

Wall Climbing by Scapulae:

This enables Varrick to climb even sheer, smooth surfaces such as glass. The adhesion is so great that the he could grip using this force and support 170 times his own weight.
Spider Transformation:
Tough he is kinda trapped in the body he actually sports, Varrick can return to his spider form if he wish. Unfortunately, be doing so he would tore his actual skin, so he never really uses this ability.
Adding blood pressure in his legs, he can jump up to 50 times, from crouched position.
Silk Production:
Tough in spider form he is supposed to produce silk from his abdomen, in human form his spinneret has been moved to his tongue. This way he produces various types of silk, that can be described easily as the sticky one and the normal one. Using his silk usually starts with him licking his thumb to get a thread out of his mouth, however, if he chews a portion of it, he can spit it, this being more of a little projectile than an usable knitting material.
Web knitting and sensing:
Its in his instincts to make a web, so Varrick has the knowledge, and the patience to do so. He sometimes does it without thinking, and when started a web, he will try to get it done before doing something else.
Everything that touches his web, can be sensed by him if he is in contact with a thread. He can tell weight and general physical proprieties of the ‘prey’, so using some deduction allows him to ‘guess’ his visitors.
Just when using his 8 eyes he gets this ability. This leads to high resolution eyesight, far sight and high sensibility to the movements around. This, combined to all the information he gets from his hair by vibrations, one could say surprising Varrick is a challenge.
Not used at all, mostly because in human form is not really ‘nice’ to go biting people. This venom can sting, or if used in a large dozes, paralyze or even kill a human. Only injected by his completely grown fangs.
Spider control:
Can control normal spiders as his leader. This does not mean TOTAL and mindless control, but sort of a loyal followers control. He does not mind his loyal subjects to be crawling over his stuff and clothes, and will get very itchy if any spider is killed in his presence.
Lair Illusion:
Never really used, as he does not have the need to do so. He can make an illusion over his lair and nest, and make it look as a normal place with normal furniture. (Weird, but he ended using this ability the most, as it helps him in many situations around campus.)
As a spider, he can change his colors a bit to camouflage himself and surprise his victims better. (Its always mixed up with his illusion ability.)
Strength and Dexterity:
Superior to the human limit, specially in the dexterity department, Varrick can lift around 4.000 pounds before having problems and is very flexible and agile.
Venomous Spit:
Chewing his own venom and spiting it with his own web, serves as very nasty projectile, or a venomous web.
Shape shifter:
If he had to torn his skin, he can take other to shape shifts and looks like its owner. However, he can't return to old forms if they were destroyed. If taken of carefully, he can put on another. Even another face if needed.

- No matter how hard, he can’t make his joints work in many ways, every one has a limit and wont work out of their regular positions. So, even when he is agile, this difficult prevents him from doing many kind of jumps, as his joints can’t get in the right position. An example: He could jump forwards and roll, but he can’t jump backwards or even scratch his back.
This also means he can’t turn his head, even to the sides. So he either moves all his body to face what he wants to SEE(He can sense things, but actual visual confirmation needs his frontal eyes.) or opens all his eyes. (Only normal ones see in colors, the other see in variations of light, white points and some basic colors, like red, blue and green.)
- Limited senses can be a social draw back sometimes, especially when you can’t taste, or smell as others do. He can sense there is odor in the air and get a taste by setae touching, however, his setae is actually, his hair. In other words, he can get an idea of a flavor or smell by touching tings with his hair or the very little setae in his fingertips. However, he can never get more that the chemical information, making his perception of some things kinda dull.
- He lacks balance if his eyes are closed. Seriously, he can’t even walk.
- Does not tolerate smoke.
- Is TERRIFIED of female Kumo. TERRIFIED.
- Any holly object or chant can get to his nerves. He is a demon, so holly symbols or materials hurt him the most.
- Very sensitive to bright light, prefers dark places.
- His silk is made of protein, if he does not eat properly, he can’t keep making it.

Years of being a deceiver gets to you sooner or later, from his name to his human form, everything about Varrick is a lie, and he LIKES it that way. He smiles, say sweet words to laugh about them later, lies and is cruel on daily basis…his everyday life would not be complete without the freaking out of some student or the delicious writing of an F. In other words, he is an asshole.
He would care less if the students were learning, he sees most people around as food, specially humans, but as its his job to teach, even when he does not like it that much, Varrick gets to be very good at explaining Math, making listening to his class, the ONLY thing comfortable about him.
He is cruel, evasive, sadistic, sarcastic, a sweet talker, a sincere mother fucker, a loner, a reader, a creepy crawler, a smart pants, an insensitive bastard…….

WHY he is a teacher?
We may never know.


"My story is not exactly long, you see, for I have lived, as every Kumo before me, at least 500 years as a common spider, a very large common spider, but who cares about little details? My life has passed for me, as very normal, with the tied up victims, the life ending fights and the dark cozy places to hide, you could say I had a very normal life. I was contempt with what I had, which was much more than others did, in those times...I am a humble man; give me a lair, a human skin and I can work wonders!
Ah, sorry, yes yes, mys story....well, I was born as a spider, from my Kumo mother, I guess...and after many years, I ate my first human, oh my how delicious it was! And transformed into the very description of a grown up Kumo, it was also my first time using human skin, oh~ the look in they faces, what memories.
Well well, lest continue, I kinda lived...happily, eating humans and hiding, til that day. Oh yes, there is a THAT DAY in my story, you know, those days that play in your mind every time you close your eyes...luckily for me I have 8 eyes to close, so I don't really care much about past. But as you asked, i will tell you...about THAT day.
THAT DAY! I dare say...I meet a maiden, yes, a girl...the most incredible pretty girl; she had withe skin, dark hair, blue eyes, smooth silk like skin, I JUST HAD TO CAPTURE HER!...oh, don't look at me like that, we both know its true.
I took her to my lair, and talked to her for weeks, imagine that was difficult for a giant spider to do, but after the first ten times she freaked out, the lady started to open to me a little...
She was delicious, such a tender flesh.
What? You thought I was...? Oh nonono, you are forgetting who you are talking to, right?
Umm....where was I, OH YES!
I took her skin, and put it on, its not really easy task, there is a very detailed process, want biology, go ask ANOTHER teacher. So....I took her skin, and waited; my maiden had a HUSBAND, you see. She was even searched for, I had to fight people specifically searching for her. But, the husband, showed up the third week, and looked at me, in that form.
I was not really afraid of him, but he had those eyes...deep blue eyes that digged to the core, but well, I was wearing his
wife's skin, so I kinda understand why he stared at me like that. Hahahaha!
Well, anyway, he....nono, he didn't try to kill me! You would be surprised...
He took me with him, to his "people", family...
I gave him...hmm...let me think, 3 kids? Yeah, I think they were 3.
What? What kind of wife would not give her husband a kid? Please! Ahahahaha.
I spent years in that form, by his side. None really suspected the truth, I was so shocked after being abducted by a giant
spider! sooooo none asked. Stupid humans...
The only one that looked at me, in a special way, intently, maybe doubting, was my now respected husband, he had impressive eyes, that man. Yes, HAD, he died short after that, 10 or 15 years after he found me.
Don't be sad, he was food.
Ok, ok, you..... want to hear the story of his death? yeah, everyone ask for it, no exceptions...
Well well...let me do memory...
I was a 'happy' wife when another Kumo found me, and she, as she was a FEMALE, saw trough my disguise, and wanted to mate, because when a male and a female get together, there is blood and gore and baby spider later. Not so romantic as human love, but you asked for it.
I was attacked, ripped and submitted to mate and be eaten later...but he came, my husband came and being the hero of the story he is!!
He killed her, the female Kumo, and saved the life of this humble storyteller! Now you see why he deserved his 3 kids. The question is, WHY he saved me, when my skin, the skin of his wife was torn and he could see the real me?...stupid humanity I guess...
He died some days after that, the poison killed him.
I had to hide, after being 'unwrapped', and took his body with me.
Last human meal I ever had.
And after that, I was accepted into the academy! THE END!!

What? You expected more?

Why EVERYONE wants to hear more?

Look, I know you live as long as I keep, I am sorry, but, I don't have any other story to tell.
Awww, don't tremble, don't tense the flesh...cmon, I will clean your tears.
There there, better? Good, let the poison get into your system, you will not feel anything at all...
That's right, sleep...
I am sure you will be, delicious."

* Can’t eat solid food, as he can’t digest inside of his body.
* Likes to write and read a lot.
* Has a scar of a deep cut all over his back.
* REALLY wants to eat a student.

For :iconpraxeumacademy:

And now! Lets return to commission making.

Weird fact: In the Alternative Outfit pic, he is turning his head, something he actually is not capable of doing. XD My mistake.
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Karn-sama Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011
I guess with the webs that it's impossible to sneak into class late...
Mori-tono Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011
Can I ask what happened to the kids? Are they still alive? And if they are, are the half human or full human?
Dedmerath Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011  Professional General Artist
The kids as most of Kumo's kids in the folklore, were made of silk and probably an illusion. When the Kumo dies or leaves, the kids return to be silk.
Mori-tono Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011
rikufangirl9 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011
i ADORE his bio!!!! DDDDDD8 very very awesome story!!
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Awesome background for your character.
Death-by-Papercuts Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011
QAQ oh my god I just read this on my break and now I'm terrified of him!!!

Really cool that you stayed true to the monster appeal dedpapa! It makes him stand out easily! Whoa~ *so impressed with your story telling skills*
pearlyunicorn Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011
Oh, I don't know...most men WANT a pretty lady to "eat" them, right?

Kidding! But seriously, he looks great. I can't wait to see him in action— no one will dare to turn in an assignment late again!
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He puts the math in mathematical....
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